Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna)

Guidelines For Use as an Entheogen

Active ingredients: mesembrine, mesembrenone and tortuosamine. (The major alkaloid in sceletium is mesembrine, which is mentioned to be a potent serotonin-uptake inhibitor.)

Effects: Euphoric, empathic, cathartic, sensual.

Applications: Euphoriant, Anti-depressant, Anti-anxiety, Irritability, Aphrodisiac, P.T.S.D., Intimate Relationship Therapy, Addiction Therapy.

Dosage: 50 mg 500 mg  ( Dosage dependant on intention of application.)

Side effects: Mild headache, slight nausea, soft stool, Insomnia, and/or sedation.

(In the subjects I have worked with these effects are rare and seldom in occurrence.)


Methods of Ingestion

    : 250-500mg.
    Smoked or vaporized. Effects are noticeable almost immediately and last between 20 min. and one hour. I have found that the effects from smoking Kanna are relatively mild compared to other forms of ingestion. Effects can vary depending on the quality of material used and whether one is under the influence of any other compound.
    Dose: 50 mg-500 mg.
    Grind sceletium into a  powder, put into gel caps, ingest on an empty stomach. Effects are dosage dependant. A 50 mg  dose is a supplemental dosage used to combat depression, anxiety and irritability. The effects from a 50 mg dose DO NOT alter the consciousness, it WILL elevate ones mood and sense of well being. Suggested use 5o mg twice a day or as needed. In the application of Sceletium as a euphoriant, Aphrodisiac, or for therapeutic application the oral dosage needs to be increased dramatically. Suggested Dose; 250 mg- 500 mg; at this dose range there is a noticeable effect in consciousness 30 min. 1 hour after ingestion. These mind altering effects which are very empathic, cathartic and euphoric in nature can persist for a 1/2 an hour to 1 hour. Working with multable subjects I have found the effects from oral ingestion  take more time to reach threshold and then peak very quickly.  The peak may last up to a 1/2 an hour then quickly fading into a general sense of well being, which can persist for several hours after.
    Dose: 125 mg-200 mg.
    Grind sceletium into a ultra-fine powder removing  any larger particulates ( using a silk screen works well).  Softly insufflate desired amount up one nostril. Try to avoid drawing the material far back into your nasal passage. Give your nasal passage a mild douche using a wet tissue( Sceletium has a tendency to burn slightly, using the douche will ease this discomfort). Effects are usually noticed within 10 min.

    Through subject assays this has proven to be the most potent means of administering  Sceletium. Effects peak within the first hour then subside to a very euphoric feeling which persists for at least one more hour. A feeling of general well being then sustains for several hours.  This I feel is the most effective means of administering sceletium for application in a therapeutic setting. Using sceletium in this manner will initiate a strong cathartic, empathic, sensual experience that will last aprox. 2 hours. This I feel is just enough time to utilize the medicine for a therapeutic/ healing session.

Copyright 2004 Kenneth J. Berman